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About Us

Jades Elevation Logo

Our Story! 

Jades Elevation LLC was established April 20th in Memphis. TN. We are a small family urban farm that focus on providing the best hemp products from seed to experience. Our mission is to bring craftsmanship back to the hemp industry. 
 We focus on these core principles:
  • We strive to produce our products from seed to experience, while always using the most organic farming methods available.
  • Creating reliable and dependable products that provide real results 
  • Following all measures for best GOP and in- house and 3rd party testing 
  • We strive to be a beacon of knowledge which will allow our customers to be well informed. 
  • Provide top-notch customer service 


Solvent less Extraction Methods used:

Our goal to complete the entire process from seed to experience as organic and clean as possible. We also work hard to use less chemical when extracting from the hemp plant.This is why we use solvent less extraction methods to produce our final products.