Jade's Elevation is Growing & We Aren't Talking Cannabis

Jade's Elevation is Growing & We Aren't Talking Cannabis

"Being original is following your dreams and standing out in a crowd" - Danielle Buntyon, CEO

CBD Products in Memphis, TN 
In this uncertain time of a global pandemic, many businesses are pivoting to manage the ongoing changes to our world. Here at Jades Elevation, we’re tuning out all of the outside noise to focus on growing our operations and becoming more self-sustaining. By becoming more self-sustaining, we are committed to creating a better environment for our community and our planet. 

With the help of our loyal customers and readers like you, we are extremely grateful to announce that Jade’s Elevation is expanding!
We have received funding from the Coronavirus Agricultural and Forestry Business Funding Grant! We are using those funds to develop a larger processing lab that will allow us to create an indoor grow room for our CBD and begin processing more products to better serve Memphis and our surrounding areas. We have begun our build-out and hope to have the lab fully functional by January 2021! Here at Jade’s Elevation, we provide top-notch hemp products that help aid your overall well being. From infused pre-rolls, soothing pain cream, to our Chill TFO Artisan full spectrum hemp, we are truly making waves in the hemp industry. Our hemp products are made with the intention to heal and elevate.

The lab buildout will include a larger washing space to create more handmade extractions, which means more room for making more products. The new lab will also allow more space to develop our product line. With our new indoor research and development room, we’ll be able to study new genetics that will expand our cannabinoid studies. The ultimate dream for Jade’s Elevation is to create an environment that is fully organic for farming. Not only do we plan to supply hemp but we also want to harvest different crops throughout the four seasons.  Another goal of ours is to expand to more communities of people of color. Farmer and CEO, Danielle Buntyon says, “Being able to provide for my community is very eye-opening.” 

Thank you so much for your support along this journey! We are so excited to keep you updated on our journey, and we’re beyond blessed for the opportunity to heal our Memphis community and beyond with our hemp products.

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