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Hemp Company At Jade's Elevation, we take great pride in providing the highest quality hemp products, but most importantly, we strive to provide the best selection and service for all your hemp needs...

The Essentials Collection

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Our products are specifically formulated to offer a unique CBD experience. By using the best flower materials and powerful extraction methods, we strive to deliver the best overall products to the market.

Solventless Extraction

Solventless extractions are considered to be the most enjoyable, highest quality, and most unadulterated form of cannabis extracts.

All Natural and Organic Materials use

Uses only the highest quality botanicals, plant-derived to make naturally good-for-you products affordable!

Certificate of Analysis

All of our products are third party tested for pesticides, heavy metals and cannabioid and cannabidiol

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Step #1 - Energizing Tincture

Take desired amount place under tongue and hold for 90 seconds. 

Step #2 - Soothe

Rub achy and tired muscles with cream to elevate pain and soreness.  

Step 3 - Revive

Starts with a hot bath, emerge your body for at least 20 mins to allow the healing effects to soak in.

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Completely natural

Our products are sourced from the best farmers and producers who support our standards. 100% All Natural 

Full Spectrum / THC - Free Products

Our products are produced in a full spectrum and a isolated formula to better suit your needs.

Small Batches

We produce small batches of extract to ensure purity and potency. 


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