Why Are Women Choosing Cannabis ? Sales have increased among women.

Why Are Women Choosing Cannabis ? Sales have increased among women.

The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on women to juggle many tasks. Self care is no longer a trip with friends but a bubble bath infused with Hemp Derived products. Society recognizes the pressure and offers little help but with lots of judgement.

Cannabis has always been referred to as a gateway drug and has resulted in many women shying away from hemp products. Last year, the world stopped and required that many women make tough decisions. Mothers are now required to work remotely, teach full time, and find time to get through extended periods of isolation due to Covid-19. Women without children have had to work remotely and manage their daily tasks with the constant anxiety of the world ending. Cannabis sales increase, and women continue to drive the sales.

At Jades Elevation, we have seen an increase in demand for our products. Our products promote relaxation, so we are not surprised by the increase. However, the feedback from media regarding women's use has not been well. "Other adults often judge women. If you are a mom, it is much worse. People are looking for any reason to call you a bad mother. It is a plant that you can put away like anything else," Danielle Buntyon, our owner, explained. Danielle fights the stigma through education and recognizing it as a plant with many uses.

Is the choice worth the looming stigma?
Yes, cannabis culturally has shifted from a " good time" to highlighting wellness. This approach disrupts the age-old myths to result in legalization in many states. Exploring the properties of the plant and the processed variations is very appealing.

Women continue to declare that their use of CBD and hemp makes them better at their life roles. The misconception of memory loss, neglect, and overall laziness plague users, despite the many different strains and cannabinoid combinations, that myth looms over women. With more exploration, there is a lack of actual scientific studies that support the misconceptions listed above.

Women are making choices out of need but also education. At the end of every commercial, there is a list of symptoms being sung to you, but that is surprisingly absent in the cannabis industry. The increasing desire to find tranquility in a very convoluted time allows for more options outside of prescriptions. Specialists and doctors are available for consultations to make the best choice for working women.

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