Producing Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Products

Producing Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Products

Jade’s Elevation LLC was created on April 20th, 2018. Hemp Farmer, Processor, and CEO Danielle Buntyon puts her heart and soul into manufacturing premium hemp products completely in house. Using the most organic farming methods available, she is making an impactful mark on the local hemp industry in Memphis, Tennessee, and beyond


Many curious cannabis lovers often ask the question, “How do you make your products?” This is a fair question and also a really cool question to explain. Simply put, Jade’s Elevation mainly focuses on solventless and CO2 extraction with a small group of plants that we grow and process. We produce three cycles of plants a year to keep up with our high demand in a small lab. 


Fun fact: water helps us get a more organic extraction!

What is Full-Spectrum

When performing a Full-Spectrum Oil Extraction, the purpose is to compress the natural compounds out of the hemp plant. There are two different types of extraction: solvent-based and solventless. When using solvent-based extraction, Jade’s Elevation uses CO2 with Everclear alcohol because it is ingestible and is able to become very purified. We use CO2 since it is safer than propane or butane. Anything that carries or connects molecules is a solvent. Solventless extraction is when no solvents (chemicals) are used. Our solventless concentrates include water, bubble hash, and rosin.


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